Aug 7, 2013

My Haircare Routine

Hello Girls,
Today i came to talk about haircare! 
For me as a gyaru fashion follower i need to keep my hair always in good condition since i'm always styling it, blowdrying and all that stuff. Recently i've changed the color of my hair that was really black and i wanna get it into a dark ash blond (which i haven't achieved yet), so for the first time in my life i felt i had a damaged hair and i could see how good my routine really was. 

In my routine i wash my hair 3 x per week, i've been using the Essential shampoo, the L'oreal absolut repair and the L'oreal silver one time per week each! Once every 10~15 days i use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove the excess of styling products of my hair.  I really like the essential line because is really inexpensive and comparable to  the professional products that i've used.

The next step on my routine is the hydration, i've been following(since i've changed my hair color) a Hair Chronogram that is a schedule to treat your hair. For my new damaged hair i've been following 2 hydrations and 1 nutrition per week and 1 reconstruction per month. The hydration masks i use are L'oreal Vitamino color and Tresemmé Moisture Rich and after using those i finish with Essential or Ichikami conditioners. For Nutrition mask i use the Essential Honey and Shea Butter since is full of oils and finish with conditioner. to seal the cuticles.
For Reconstruction i use the Fiberceutic Hair Botox and the next month i use the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue and finish with conditioner.
This helped me to keep my hair healthy even after 1 bleaching + Coloring + 1 Soap Cap to lighten the color a little bit more!

Now the leave-in products. When i finish washing my hair i apply Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide that is a heat protector so i can blowdry the hair without damaging it too much. 
When i'll style my hair with curlers and all that i use Liese Iron Make Rich Curl that's a heat protector for curlers and also help to keep the curls Also use the Liese Designing jelly when i style without heat and Lucido-L Hairspray to keep the hair style.
 Sometimes when i won't wash my hair but want it to be mosturized i spray some Liese Juicy Shower. On my roots and scalp i use this L'oreal arginine toner and some extra virgin coconut oil to do some massage, this helps to keep the hair and roots nourished and the hair to grow faster and stronger. 

I've been really loving this routine since is keeping my hair pretty and healthy!

Here goes my hair 2 days after bleaching and coloring! I haven't cut not even an inch of hair after the procedures and i think i won't need after one more week of treatment!

I hope you have enjoyed! Share with me your thoughts, routines and products recommendations!


  1. Wow! So many products! I have to be careful about what I put in my hair. (I have a sensitive scalp) These products look great! Please come and check out my giveaway going on!

    - kat

  2. wow so much is required for nice hair!!! i only use shampoo and conditioner haha

    1. I have to take alot of care since my hair is not even liss =x and now is colored! I want it to be long shiny and pretty!! But for those who already have nice hairrr! A good shampoo and conditioner is enough :D

  3. thank you for sharing your hair care routine, you have so many lovely hair products! i lovee the smell of the liese juicy shower product, it makes the hair smell so fruity!!♡

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    1. Thanks for sharing your giveaway! Really nice! I love the liese juicy shower smell so muchh! x.x I always use for the smell hehehe

  4. Thank you for sharing all your products and your routine. Actually now I feel a little bad because my hair just use shampoo and conditioner. But I'll make an effort to take care of more.

    1. Oh thanks for the visit! It's not the kind of thing that i haveee to do... if you feel your hair is nice with shampoo and conditioner is just great! :D

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