Aug 1, 2013

Japanese Makeup Haul

Hello girls,
After months of waiting i finally received all the packages that i've ordered! Now i can post to show you guys my japanese makeup haul! I've got those stuff from different stores, and Alphabeautyuk from ebay (they have great price on dolly wink products)!

From left to right/ top to bottom:

º Canmake Perfect serum bb cream shade 2 samples! It was cheap (1 USD each sample) and since i wanna buy the light version i wanted to try out the shade.

º Diamond Lash Angel eye- Its like a must have for gyaru style. 

º Heavy Rotation eyebrow mascara in Ash Brown #03- I'll be coloring my hair soon into a Light Ash Brown shade, that's why i got it.

º Canmake Mix Eyebrow.

º Candy Doll Macaron Pink Lip gloss.

º Lucido-L Designing Air Spray- Really need some hard holder spray! I hope it works well! I know it's not a makeup to be in a makeup haul, buuut, it is the only non makeup item and i really wanted it!

º Dolly Wink Brown Liquid Eyeliner.

º Dolly Wink Feminine Girl Lower Lashes- Reminds me the lower lashes that Park Bom was wearing on the new video Falling In Love.

º Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Palette in Pink Brown 02- Pink, Gold and Brown on the same palette, i just gotta have it. 

º Dolly Wink Brown Volume Mascara.

Recently i've been a brown obsessive! Everything i see with brown colors for makeup i just get! I've been tring to tone down my look a little bit since i have really black hair, eyes and eyebrows. I got almost every product from this haul to keep up with my gyaru style!

I'll be using the products and slowly reviewing them since i don't like to review a product that i've just got. I believe you need to really use the product in a daily basis before you can say anything about it! Soo i'll be taking a long time to review them all!

I hope you guys have enjoyed the haul. I had a Dolly Wink Baby Cute #6 lower lashes to come aswell but i think the package was lost! Soon we'll have more hauls! I don't know exactly when because it depends on the Postmail.

Soon i'll be doing some makeup tutorials, i don't know yet if i'll do them in video or photos, it will depend on my camera.
Please share with me your toughts and what would you like to see in my blog! 


  1. I'm so curious about your reviews! after my vacation I'll be making my first order at ichibankao. How long did it take to arrive?

    1. Hmm it was pretty quick for me since it comes from japan... the alphabeaty exports from hong kong so it takes a little longer!

  2. I am so excited for your tutorials! I love all the dolly wink!

    1. Haha i'm just crazy about dolly wink by now! I wasn't but their products are so amazing! I can't wait to start making the tutorials!!!

  3. Oh my God many cute stuffs you{re really lucky becoz you can travel to Japan and purchase many cute makeup!

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    1. Aw... i wish i were that lucky!!! I called japanese haul because its all japanese products!! When i buy korean products i call korean haul! hehe but i haven't gone to any of those places! I really wish i could! Probably the haul would be 5 times bigger if i went to japan hahaha :) Thanks for visiting! I'll surely join the giveaway!

  4. Quero logo ver as resenhas! Não sei se já tinha falado isso, mas seu blog tá super lindo! Adorando todas as suas postangens <3

    1. Ahh brigada Pri!! Em breve estarei fazendo as resenhas.. entrei de férias essa semana rsrs!! Espero que vc atualize o seu mais vezes tb!! To sempre dando uma olhada lá apesar de nunca aparecer no meu feed!

  5. Oh nice!!! I'm going to Japan soon, can't wait to get these makeup ^_^