Sep 3, 2013

Etude House Kissful Lip Essence

Hello cuties, 
I came to show you my favorite product for improving dry lips! It's the Etude House Kissful Lip Care Essence. This little tube makes wonders for my dried chapped lips.

The product doesn't have any color, but have a light peach scent. The texture is  thick but apply and feels really light on the lips.  You only have to apply it and wait for 5 min until the product sinks into the dried lips and turn it into a plump and elastic moisturized skin!

Here goes the pics wearing it on top of a lip tint that usually dry out my lips. Who could tell by this picture that i have really bad dried chapped lips? :) Sometimes when my lips are so dry that i need to exfoliate, i apply this first let it sink into de lips and after that i scrub my lips, remove the scrub product with water and apply a new layer of this essence. After finishing this process i end up with baby soft perfect lips.

I'll give a 5/5 for this product for being the first lip conditioner that actually moisturize and plumps my lips even when is badly chapped. And also because i can't find anything bad about this. I'll be sure repurchasing it soon!


  1. It gives a really nice shade on your lips! and your lips is so pretty too!!

  2. Ohh! Very interesting! Thanks for the review!

  3. Seus lábios são lindos Kell <3 Eu preciso cuidar melhor dos meus também, eles tendem a secar bastante principalmente durante a noite :P Já usei bepantol, mas não vi muito resultado não :3 Beijinhos :*

    1. Nossa flor o meu tb eh tenso x.x o meu chega a fazer uma camada ressecada x.x só esse produto mesmo pra dar jeito, antes eu vivia com os lábios rachados e sangrando :x

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  5. You have such pretty lips! I'd get this on my next visit to Etude House :)
    I am now following you on GFC :) Please follow me as well ♥


  6. it´s very pretty

  7. I had a friend who couldn't stand it. But it looks like it does a good job on you. Your lips don't look chapped at all. o.o

  8. Your lips look so beautiful rosy and moisturized! I will try this also for my badly chapped lips ^^ thank you for the review kellz!


  9. This is so pretty!! :D
    I just found your blog and am a new follower! ^-^

  10. I love love love how it doesn't have colour! I'm personally a huge fan of clear glosses (esp nowadays), so yay! :D I just reviewed really pigmented glosses myself, so reading about yours is a really good change. <3 ^_^ Thanks, Kell!~ <3

  11. you're so gorgeous omg i love the lips color and im so trying out this gloss cause im a huge peach scent girl hehhe, great post x


  12. Oh really cute lipgloss the package is prettu. Thanks for your lovely review!

  13. That looks so nice on you! Your lips looks plumpier with a nice hint of pink :D