Aug 31, 2013

August favorites

This month i have alot of favorites, i tried to choose the small amount possible but i've been using those products everyday and i couldn't just let them out from my August favorites. 


For skincare i've been absolutely loving and needing hydration, my skin have been feeling really dry when i miss some skincare, so i've been loving my Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil since it removes all makeup and even after using foam cleanser my skin does not get dried out. 
I've been loving and using alot the Innisfree It's Real Face masks, it helped me during this month when i felt nothing could handle the bad dried skin days. The Skinfood Watery Berry Serum was essential to keep fluffy moisturized face. 
Another product that i've used sooo much this month (and it's almost finished) is the Holika Holika Pig Nose Sugar Scrub, this helped me to get rid of dry flakes, dry flaky lips and nose blackheads... 
Keep in mind that those products might work with my skin because i have dehydrated skin but oily, so those masks and serum are very light, it might not be really effective for those with natural dry skin. 


For body this month i enjoyed using this fragrance from Hip Hop Candy Cotton Candy Clouds body spray. Is really fresh and sweet.
This month i've changed my hair color so this Liese Juicy Shower was just perfect to keep my hair hydrated and with soft and fluffy ends, i just use it everytime i feel my hair needs some extra hydration. 


I tend to keep with same products for a time until i get bored of them. After a while i just change to some other stuff. So, for August i've been doing my makeup with those every single day! For this month i've been on a Peach~Coral~Grapefruit color vibe with brown and golden eyes!
Etude House Cupcake All Over Color- Peach
Etude House Cherry Tint- Pink
Tony Moly Bunny gloss Bar- Peach
Candy Doll Lipgloss- Cotton Candy
Candy Doll Lipstick- Pink Grapefruit
Bourjois Healthy Mix Pressed Powder- 53
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner- Brown
Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara
Canmake Eyebrow Mix
Etude House Cookie Blusher- Grapefruit Jelly
Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette- Illusion (Light peach highlighter color) and Oz ( Golden with shimmers)
Dolly Wink Eyeshadow- Pink Brown- Golden and Browns

I hope you have enjoyed. Those have been my favorites for this month, i don't know if i'll be doing favorites for every month since i just use the same products for a while, but i will show you when there's any new stuff for sure. Have you used any of those products? Share with me your favorites aswell! 

Aug 24, 2013

August Haul

Hello cuties, 
Today i came to share with you my august haul, wich are the things that i bought and received on this month. I've been trying to buy the products of my wishlist as i finish some old products, so this month i've got alot of stuff, but i've received only those by now! For those products i've placed an order at for candy doll stuff and for korean products.

On top pic i have:

  • It's Skin Baby Face One Step Base- Green- I got this because i wanted a makeup base to counter the red pigments on my foundations (my skin have quite alot of olive undertones is really hard to find a perfect foundation match).
  • Candy Doll Strawberry Milk Lip Gloss- I wanted a clear lip gloss that i could use with any lipstick without changing the color of the lipstick too much. 
  • Candy Doll Highlighter in Beige- i wanted a highlighter with a little bit of small shimmers, but with color payoff so i heard about this one and it's really what this product is. 
  • Etude House Dear My Milky Gloss - Blueberry- I wanted it for achieving a really cool toned pink lips
  • Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder- I needed some compact anti shine powder to carry around. 
  • It's Skin Baby Face Petit Blusher in Lavender- I got it to counter some of my hiperpigmentation and help to brighten my complexion. 
On botton pic i have:
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist
  • Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash Banana flavour- I wanted to try this for the smell :x
  • Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Essence- I wanted some more hydration and oil production care on my routine so i chose this.
  • Innisfree Eyebrow Razor- I got this because i saw good reviews on those eyebrow razors for making korean straight eyebrows ^^ 
That was my haul for this month, i forgot to take the pics of my Three barrel waver that i've received aswell! I believe i'll be making a review on it and hair tutorial for wavy hair. Here goes the seller pic.  

I hope you have enjoyed, any question about the products feel free to ask. I'll be reviewing many of those products in the future. By now i have alot of reviews to come so it may take a while. I'm really late on my reviews!

Aug 22, 2013

My Top 10 Favorite Clothing/Shoes/Bags

Hello cuties,
Today i came to share with you my top 10 favorite clothing stuff that i love to use for creating cute dolly looks.
There's no ranking like, this one is the number one and all of that. I'll just show you randomly.

I love this shirt, i got it from those wholesale websites. I love the pink and cream light colors and how the lace looks cute with everything.

I got this top from aliexpress and i love how the quality is amazing. Looks quite dolly on me. I have in white and this cream shade. 

This one i also got from aliexpress. I'm always using it to go out at night. It gives me a soft romantic look. 

I bought this blouse from buy in coins for a really inexpensive price. This looks sooo pretty with anything, the lace and the flowers are chic and cute at same time. 

This little bag is quite pretty and looks nice with almost everything in my wardrobe.

It's a cream beige bag with lace that looks really cute and i got from aliexpress for a really nice price.

It's my favorite bag since i'm always around carrying alot of stuff so it works just perfectly for me and is pretty cute.

Those boots are super duper cute and really comfortable. Too sad that were i live don't have the right weather to use them always x.x I got them from aliexpress.

Those sandals are so dolly. I love them and are comfortable aswell. Bought at aliexpress.

This one is also in my first choices when i go for a dolly outfit. Really comfortable. They are from Melissa. 

I hope you have enjoyed my favorites and get inspired by them!

Aug 20, 2013

Gyaru Brown Makeup Tutorial

Hello sweeties, 
I have a Gyaru tutorial for you today. To make this look i was inspired by Sayoko Ozaki's looks with light brown circle lenses, brown and golden makeup, bronzed skin with strong contour, orange lips and cheeks. I hope you enjoy and try out. 

Here's the complete look! Sorry for the bad quality pics! I'll be fixing this issue soon buying a decent camera!

The products used! 
I forgot to take pic of the products i've used for prep my skin. So i'll be listing them here:
Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation B40
Maybelline Pure mineral concealer #2 + Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage SC-5
For nose highlight and contour- UD Foxy and Canmake eyebrow mix
Face contour- Nyx Taupe blusher.

I really enjoyed making this tutorial and look, i hope you all have enjoyed it aswell! Kisses...

Aug 18, 2013

My 2013 Asian Skincare Routine

Hello sweeties,
I'm back to share with you my latest skincare routine. 
My skin is dehydrated (lacks water), really oily (produces tons of oil on the T zone), i have hyperpigmentation issues and clogged pores on my nose and chin area. I've been following this routine for 3 months. It basically consists in a Morning and Night care plus Pore Cleansing 2x per week and Deep Hydration 2x per week.
I'll be showing now which products i use and how i use them. They are mostly korean or japanese products since it's cheaper(and better quality) for me to buy products from japan and korea than buying products in Brazil! 


Morning: I only have a little bit of oilyness on my skin that've been produced during the night and i wanna remove that,but without drying out my skin. So i use the Missha Creamy Latte Cleansing foam to give a little fresh feeling to my skin. This foam is really gentle. 

Night: When i'll cleanse my skin at night i have tons of makeup on, pollution, oilyness, and dirty on my skin. So i feel like reaally cleansing my skin to remove everything. To be sure that my skin will be cleansed properly i chose the double cleansing. 
First i use the Shiseido Perfect Oil which is a cleansing oil that removes all my makeup and waterproof mascara with only 2 pumps for full face/neck. After that i wash the excess off with water, wash my hands to remove the oil with normal soap.
 Apply the Shiseido Perfect Whip on my wet hands to start to foam it up. This foam cleanser really removes all the cleansing oil residues and creates a soft foam. After applying the foam i get my charcoal konjac sponge and rub that all over my face so i can guarantee that my pores are been cleansed. 
The days when i have minimal makeup on i'll use the Haruhada cleansing water with a cotton puff to remove the excess makeup and dirty!

Hydrating + Treating

Morning: I apply my Etude House Skin Mal'gem Fresh that is a toner for oil control that provides a little bit of moisture and exfoliation on my T zone. Then i apply the Hadanomy Collagen Mist all over and pat until absorbed. I follow with the Skinfood Watery Berry Serum all over the face and when i feel my skin needs some more moisture i'll use the Skinfood Facial Water Vita C Cream.

Night: After cleansing i'll apply Pond's Flawless White Toner with a cotton pad. I use it to control my hyperpigmentation areas. Then i use my Skinfood Watery Berry Serum, and on top of that my Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule ( which i got a 10 samples packet to try out, but it really last a long time O.o) and finish with my Skinfood Facial Water Vita C Cream.

Night Packs and Eye Area

Morning: During the morning i'll apply concealer and makeup so i try to go as light as possible with creams, so for my eyes i'll only use Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Serum.

Night: After hydration i'll apply my Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Serum to my eye area and after the absorption i'll apply on top of it my Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream or Lâncome Genifique Yeux
For my face i finish sealing the moisture and all the products that i've applied before with a Night pack. Depending on the day and how my skin feels i'll use one of those Tony Moly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack when i feel that my skin needs deep hydration or brightening/whitening. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack when my skin is just ok and doesn't need anything extreme. Skinfood Watery Berry Wrap Mask (i got the 10 samples packet to try out and each one is enough for 5 days use) when my skin is deeply dehydrated.

Protection and Lip Care

Protection: To protect my skin from sun i apply the Shiseido Hada Senka Mineral UV SPF 50 PA+++ all over the face and on top of it i apply a layer of bb cream to help to protect my skin from pollution and dirty. The ones i use now are the Skin 79 Super Orange Vital BB cream and Lioele Dollish Veil Vita.

Lip care: After hydrating the face i need to hydrate my lips, for hydration i apply a lip essence. The ones that i use are Etude House Kissfull Lip Essence and Isqueen Honey Kiss Lip Essence. After my lips beeing hydrated and plumped i use a lip balm to hold the moisture on it and prevent from beeing dehydrated again. The ones i use are Maybelline Baby Lips Glow for the day and Hip Hop Candy Bubble Blitz Lip Balm for the night.

Pore Cleansing and Exfoliation

Exfoliation: I exfoliate my face 2 times per week with Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream or Methode SWISS Radiance Resilience Peel ( i got some of those miniatures from I exfoliate my Nose area and Lips 2 x per week with Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Sugar Scrub.
Pore Cleansing: I'll cleanse my nose and chin pores 2 x per week. One time i'll use the Innisfree Blackhead Heating Gel + Daiso Charcoal Mask and finish with the Lioele Pore Clean and Tightening Pack. The second time i'll use the Lioele Products. First i'll open my pores with Lioele Pore Opening Massage Gel, follow with the Lioele Blackhead Clear and finish with Lioele Pore Clean and Tightening Pack. Once in a month i'll use the Lioele Blackheadzero Nose Patch.

Face Mask

Hydration: Two times per week i'll be applying face masks or face packs to keep the hydration and nutrition of my skin! I just randomly use the mask that i want.

  • Innisfree It's Real Manuka Honey- Açai Berry- Bamboo- Gold Kiwi.
  • My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask
  • My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask
  • Cosline Strawberry Yogurt Pack
Soon i'll be adding some products on my routine. A new hydrating essence, i'll get a toner for whitening hyperpigmentation since my pond's one is almost gone. I'll be buying new face masks, a face mist to use when i'm out.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this huge post. Please share with me your toughts, routines, products recommendations and questions!

My next post will be about my favorite clothing/shoes/bags mostly from wholesale websites!

Aug 16, 2013

Innisfree It's Real Manuka Honey Mask

Hello girls,
I'm back to review the first product from my last korean products haul. This is a face sheet mask from Innisfree, It's real manuka honey mask.

I love the packaging of this mask because it has this nice bright yellow honey picture that is really pretty to see x.x For this review i've used 2 masks.
This mask fit me perfectly since i have a really round face and chubby cheeks. I've ripped up the nose area because i really hate that thing between my eyes :x I always do that to my sheet masks! The wear is really confortable and i can use it while i'm on computer ^^ 

The essence is translucent and not thick. Smells amazingly like honey but in a natural way!

After using it for 40 min i've removed the mask from my face and massage the essence left in the package into my face. With this metod my skin absorbed everything and the mask doesn't leave any film feeling. The first time i've used this mask i didn't do any massaging, so i've felt a film layer on my skin! Innisfree recommends to massage until the essence is all gone, so i think the second time i did it right.  

Here is my skin after all that. 
The results that i've notice where:
- My pores where smaller.
- My skin felt really supple and mosturized.
- It made my skin feel clean, soft and plumped.

Results you might not get with this:
- Whitening or brightening
- Redness reducing

I'll give this mask a 4.5/5. I won't give 5 because it doesn't remove redness or have whitening properties like many masks do. But it really kept my skin mosturized during the week that i've used this and i felt some difference from the other masks that i use! 

I recommend this one for those who feel like your skin is never mosturized enough or baby soft enough :)

Have you used any Innisfree masks? Would you like to try this one out? :)

Aug 13, 2013

Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer

Hello Cuties,
I'll be sharing with you my favorite concealer! It's the Maybelline Pure concealer- Mineral healthy natural concealer wich is an Asia Maybelline product.

I first heard about this product when i was seeing a list of the Blenda Best 2012 products and it was featured as the best concealer, better than M.A.C, Bobbi Brown and Kate. So it just became my have to buy concealer! I found it at for 6 USD. I got it  in shade 2 which suits perfectly my NC 35 skin!

I really love to use it on my undereye area since i have sensitive eyes and this is a mineral concealer, but i also use all over the place because the coverage is just too good!

Sorry for the blurred picture :(  My camera just sucks, i'm getting money to buy a nice nikon one. I hope the bad purple deep darkcircle that i have and brown hiperpigmentation on the outer area of my eyes are visible!

This is after a thin layer of concealer! You can see how it covers nicely the purple of my darkcircles without needing any color corrector!

I love this concealer, is easy to use, easy to blend, the color is good for yellow undertones, the texture is liquidy but it dries and stay on the skin. I like it for darkcircles, blemishes, big hiperpigmentation areas, well, i just use it for everything!
I don't know if the ocidental version of this is just as good, but for now i'll keep with this asian one.
I give 5/5 on this because is just a perfect product.

Aug 9, 2013

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara

Hey Sweeties,
I'll be reviewing my new favorite black mascara. Before i try this one, my favorite was the Maybelline The Falsies. Now my favorite is this Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara (film type).
Is a black mascara that contains big fibers and claims to have 5 kinds of treatment essences for your lashes. 

The Packaging is super cute and fashion with silver and light pink jewels. The brush is made of 3 little balls shape, that i find it really helps with the non clumping effect!

Let's move into the effects! Here are my lashes with one layer of mascara, i haven't used any curvex and it really helps to curl and hold your lashes up. 

Now with 2 coats of mascara i haven't got any clumping and the lenghthening effect is quite noticeable while the lashes stay really curled up even without using curvex.

This mascara is really great if you want big lashes or have lashes that doesn't stay curled! The fibers are big and provides long lashes. 
I got it for 13 USD at, i consider a good price since the Maybelline mascaras in Brazil costs like 15~20 dollars! 
The packaging is really cuteee i love to have it on my makeup collection! I don't think i'll be trying any other japanese mascara because i think this one provides everything that i need!
I wouldn't recommend this to people who doesn't use oil removers since it's not easily removed from lashes with cream or watery based removers!

I will give 5/5 for this mascara because i can't think of anything negative to say about it!

I hope you guys have enjoyed! Which one is your favorite mascara?