Aug 3, 2013

Candy Doll Macaron Pink Lip Gloss

Hello Cuties!

Today i came to talk about a product from one of my favorites color makeup brands, the Macaron Pink Lipgloss from Candy Doll (such cute name). Is a light bubblegum pink  (but not soooo light as the tsubasa promo pictures) with really small shimmers. I got it in the new package from since i couldn't find this shade anywhere else with some fair price!

I really enjoy this new packaging despite the fact that i have less product than the old packaging.

 Color- A pretty bubblegum pink with a little cool tone have some reaaally small shimmers that can only be seen when you look from really close.

❤ Pigmentation- Really Pigmented can be used alone, on top of a lipstick or lip concealer.

 Texture- Really thick and sticky, but now i'm used with this feeling since is really hard to find a lipgloss that stay on my lips and it's not sticky!

 Package- The package is really cute, but as i said comes with less product.

 Finish- It provides a glossy milky finish, but sometimes it settles on little lines so i recommend to use a really mosturizing lip balm 10~20 min before applying the gloss. So your lips can be more plumped if you have dried lips like mine!

 Lasting Power- It lasts for 3~4 hours a little bit better than the average lip glosses.

 Price- Its a little bit pricey for a lipgloss, i got mine for 17 USD.

 I would say it's a 4/5 since i don't use it everyday and it's not the kind of gloss that i can apply easily at any moment and it's pricey!

Here goes some pics of me wearing it! 

 More close pic so you can check out the glossy milky lips. I haven't applied too much of gloss for this effect, if you want something like tsubasa's lips you have to be generous with the amount of gloss! hehehe


  1. Nossa, Keel, que cor linda! É só do gloss ou tem batom também? AMEI! o.o <3

    1. Eh linda mesmo essa cor x.x to apaixonada! É só o gloss com lip concealer por baixo ^^

  2. This is so pretty... I've always wanted to try the Candy Doll lipgloss but it's hard to find here. The colour looks great on you!

    xo, alison*elle

    1. Oh tanks :D I can't find it here in Brazil aswell, i just get everything online :x Thanks for visiting :)

  3. Hi beautiful :) I'm here to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award:)
    Please do check it out at Nineteen& okay!

  4. omg it's really really cute I love the color >< thank you for the review you looks so gorgeous kell!