Aug 31, 2013

August favorites

This month i have alot of favorites, i tried to choose the small amount possible but i've been using those products everyday and i couldn't just let them out from my August favorites. 


For skincare i've been absolutely loving and needing hydration, my skin have been feeling really dry when i miss some skincare, so i've been loving my Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil since it removes all makeup and even after using foam cleanser my skin does not get dried out. 
I've been loving and using alot the Innisfree It's Real Face masks, it helped me during this month when i felt nothing could handle the bad dried skin days. The Skinfood Watery Berry Serum was essential to keep fluffy moisturized face. 
Another product that i've used sooo much this month (and it's almost finished) is the Holika Holika Pig Nose Sugar Scrub, this helped me to get rid of dry flakes, dry flaky lips and nose blackheads... 
Keep in mind that those products might work with my skin because i have dehydrated skin but oily, so those masks and serum are very light, it might not be really effective for those with natural dry skin. 


For body this month i enjoyed using this fragrance from Hip Hop Candy Cotton Candy Clouds body spray. Is really fresh and sweet.
This month i've changed my hair color so this Liese Juicy Shower was just perfect to keep my hair hydrated and with soft and fluffy ends, i just use it everytime i feel my hair needs some extra hydration. 


I tend to keep with same products for a time until i get bored of them. After a while i just change to some other stuff. So, for August i've been doing my makeup with those every single day! For this month i've been on a Peach~Coral~Grapefruit color vibe with brown and golden eyes!
Etude House Cupcake All Over Color- Peach
Etude House Cherry Tint- Pink
Tony Moly Bunny gloss Bar- Peach
Candy Doll Lipgloss- Cotton Candy
Candy Doll Lipstick- Pink Grapefruit
Bourjois Healthy Mix Pressed Powder- 53
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner- Brown
Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara
Canmake Eyebrow Mix
Etude House Cookie Blusher- Grapefruit Jelly
Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette- Illusion (Light peach highlighter color) and Oz ( Golden with shimmers)
Dolly Wink Eyeshadow- Pink Brown- Golden and Browns

I hope you have enjoyed. Those have been my favorites for this month, i don't know if i'll be doing favorites for every month since i just use the same products for a while, but i will show you when there's any new stuff for sure. Have you used any of those products? Share with me your favorites aswell! 


  1. Wow, so many favorites! :o
    I want them :3

  2. Nossa Kell necessito desses produtos para a pele! A minha pele está muito seca também e olha que minha pele é mista. Já estou colocando alguns desses seus favoritos na wishlist <3

    1. Ahh compra sim... recomendo especialmente o serum da Skinfood! Eh mt mt bom, ele dá akela hidratada, deixa a pele macia e absorve tudinho x.x é ótimo pra quem tem a pele mista. O cheiro tb eh maravilhoso :x

  3. OMG, you're so lucky to have so many products! *__* Eeek, I love so many of these, thanks for the favourites post! I definitely want to try the UD Glinda palette, it looks so amazing~

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  4. I love the post, especially Korean beauty products.
    Can't seem to buy enough since I live and blog about it here
    Drop by :D

    oh and my friends always ask where to buy is actually selling internationally now !

  5. I have been wanting to try the Holika Holika pig nose products for a long time cause I do have very visible blackheads, so many of them it's driving me crazy! But I am scared that if i buy them they don't work, it'd just be wasting money! great post x