Oct 19, 2013

HUGE POST! Updates! Hauls, New Looks!

Hello girls! I've been crazy around, really busy, so i couldn't keep up with the blog! Today i came here to give a little update of what i've been doing lately!

- Olá meninas! Esses tempos eu estive louca por ai, totalmente ocupada, então não consegui continuar atualizando o blog! Hoje eu vim aqui pra fazer um update das novidades!-

I've changed my hair from BLACK to a PINK BLONDE OMBRE COLOR!
Check it out!

- Eu mudei a cor do meu cabelo de PRETO para OMBRE LOIRO COM ROSA!-

Yeah~ I keep buying alot of stuff! 

Yeah~Eu continuo comprando um monte de coisas!-

Some jewelry, organizers, a cute bag, a cute wallet,  Diamond lash Cat eyes, BN luminous change lower lashes,  some nail stickers, a L'oreal intense repair mask and Etude House Bling in the sea stick in golden!

Those past months i got some stuff from Ichibankao.com aswell!

- Nesses últimos meses eu também comprei algumas coisinhas no Ichibankao.com-

Lycee eyedrops for contacts
Canmake Shading Powder
Canmake Smooth Skin Primer!

             Celebrity eyes                  Charming eyes             Glamorous eyes            Feminine eyes

I got 2 new bags! A lilac one and a grape!

I also ordered some korean products from roseroseshop.com.

- Eu também comprei alguns produtos coreanos da roseroseshop.com.-

It's skin mango white peeling massage
The face shop Mango seed sample set
Skinfood Facial ice vita Mist
Skinfood Beauty Berry Blueberry Face Mask
Etude House Cotton Puffs
Skinfood Kiwi Yogurt Mask
The Face Shop Mango Seed Facial Butter 10 sample
It's Skin WH Effector
Random Samples
Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream
Innisfree Moisture Lip Base
Etude House Lip Care Scrub
It's Skin Mini Bebe Grape Creamy foam
Tony Moly Mini bunny Hand cream
Etude House Woo~Baby Lip Plumper

 And finally i got some cute random clothing!

Now let's move into the looks that i've done! I haven't done alot of looks since i've been so busy to actually make the look and take pictures after! x.x

- Agora vamos aos looks que fiz. Na verdade eu não fiz muitos looks pois estava super ocupada pra fazer as makes e ainda ter que tirar fotos depois! x.x-

Ulzzang version of me!

Gyaru Look with tons of lashes! Angel eye for upper lashes and BN luminous change for lowers!

 Trying out some Tsubasa inspired eye makeup!!!

- Tentando fazer a makeup dos olhos inspirada na Tsubasa!-

Lashes: Upper- Celebrity eyes       Lower- Dolly wink Feminine Girl

Thanks for reading! I hope i can post more stuff next month!

-Obrigada por ler, espero que eu possa postar mais novidades no próximo mês!-

Sep 3, 2013

Etude House Kissful Lip Essence

Hello cuties, 
I came to show you my favorite product for improving dry lips! It's the Etude House Kissful Lip Care Essence. This little tube makes wonders for my dried chapped lips.

The product doesn't have any color, but have a light peach scent. The texture is  thick but apply and feels really light on the lips.  You only have to apply it and wait for 5 min until the product sinks into the dried lips and turn it into a plump and elastic moisturized skin!

Here goes the pics wearing it on top of a lip tint that usually dry out my lips. Who could tell by this picture that i have really bad dried chapped lips? :) Sometimes when my lips are so dry that i need to exfoliate, i apply this first let it sink into de lips and after that i scrub my lips, remove the scrub product with water and apply a new layer of this essence. After finishing this process i end up with baby soft perfect lips.

I'll give a 5/5 for this product for being the first lip conditioner that actually moisturize and plumps my lips even when is badly chapped. And also because i can't find anything bad about this. I'll be sure repurchasing it soon!

Aug 31, 2013

August favorites

This month i have alot of favorites, i tried to choose the small amount possible but i've been using those products everyday and i couldn't just let them out from my August favorites. 


For skincare i've been absolutely loving and needing hydration, my skin have been feeling really dry when i miss some skincare, so i've been loving my Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil since it removes all makeup and even after using foam cleanser my skin does not get dried out. 
I've been loving and using alot the Innisfree It's Real Face masks, it helped me during this month when i felt nothing could handle the bad dried skin days. The Skinfood Watery Berry Serum was essential to keep fluffy moisturized face. 
Another product that i've used sooo much this month (and it's almost finished) is the Holika Holika Pig Nose Sugar Scrub, this helped me to get rid of dry flakes, dry flaky lips and nose blackheads... 
Keep in mind that those products might work with my skin because i have dehydrated skin but oily, so those masks and serum are very light, it might not be really effective for those with natural dry skin. 


For body this month i enjoyed using this fragrance from Hip Hop Candy Cotton Candy Clouds body spray. Is really fresh and sweet.
This month i've changed my hair color so this Liese Juicy Shower was just perfect to keep my hair hydrated and with soft and fluffy ends, i just use it everytime i feel my hair needs some extra hydration. 


I tend to keep with same products for a time until i get bored of them. After a while i just change to some other stuff. So, for August i've been doing my makeup with those every single day! For this month i've been on a Peach~Coral~Grapefruit color vibe with brown and golden eyes!
Etude House Cupcake All Over Color- Peach
Etude House Cherry Tint- Pink
Tony Moly Bunny gloss Bar- Peach
Candy Doll Lipgloss- Cotton Candy
Candy Doll Lipstick- Pink Grapefruit
Bourjois Healthy Mix Pressed Powder- 53
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner- Brown
Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara
Canmake Eyebrow Mix
Etude House Cookie Blusher- Grapefruit Jelly
Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette- Illusion (Light peach highlighter color) and Oz ( Golden with shimmers)
Dolly Wink Eyeshadow- Pink Brown- Golden and Browns

I hope you have enjoyed. Those have been my favorites for this month, i don't know if i'll be doing favorites for every month since i just use the same products for a while, but i will show you when there's any new stuff for sure. Have you used any of those products? Share with me your favorites aswell! 

Aug 24, 2013

August Haul

Hello cuties, 
Today i came to share with you my august haul, wich are the things that i bought and received on this month. I've been trying to buy the products of my wishlist as i finish some old products, so this month i've got alot of stuff, but i've received only those by now! For those products i've placed an order at adambeauty.com for candy doll stuff and roseroseshop.com for korean products.

On top pic i have:

  • It's Skin Baby Face One Step Base- Green- I got this because i wanted a makeup base to counter the red pigments on my foundations (my skin have quite alot of olive undertones is really hard to find a perfect foundation match).
  • Candy Doll Strawberry Milk Lip Gloss- I wanted a clear lip gloss that i could use with any lipstick without changing the color of the lipstick too much. 
  • Candy Doll Highlighter in Beige- i wanted a highlighter with a little bit of small shimmers, but with color payoff so i heard about this one and it's really what this product is. 
  • Etude House Dear My Milky Gloss - Blueberry- I wanted it for achieving a really cool toned pink lips
  • Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder- I needed some compact anti shine powder to carry around. 
  • It's Skin Baby Face Petit Blusher in Lavender- I got it to counter some of my hiperpigmentation and help to brighten my complexion. 
On botton pic i have:
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist
  • Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash Banana flavour- I wanted to try this for the smell :x
  • Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Essence- I wanted some more hydration and oil production care on my routine so i chose this.
  • Innisfree Eyebrow Razor- I got this because i saw good reviews on those eyebrow razors for making korean straight eyebrows ^^ 
That was my haul for this month, i forgot to take the pics of my Three barrel waver that i've received aswell! I believe i'll be making a review on it and hair tutorial for wavy hair. Here goes the seller pic.  

I hope you have enjoyed, any question about the products feel free to ask. I'll be reviewing many of those products in the future. By now i have alot of reviews to come so it may take a while. I'm really late on my reviews!

Aug 22, 2013

My Top 10 Favorite Clothing/Shoes/Bags

Hello cuties,
Today i came to share with you my top 10 favorite clothing stuff that i love to use for creating cute dolly looks.
There's no ranking like, this one is the number one and all of that. I'll just show you randomly.

I love this shirt, i got it from those wholesale websites. I love the pink and cream light colors and how the lace looks cute with everything.

I got this top from aliexpress and i love how the quality is amazing. Looks quite dolly on me. I have in white and this cream shade. 

This one i also got from aliexpress. I'm always using it to go out at night. It gives me a soft romantic look. 

I bought this blouse from buy in coins for a really inexpensive price. This looks sooo pretty with anything, the lace and the flowers are chic and cute at same time. 

This little bag is quite pretty and looks nice with almost everything in my wardrobe.

It's a cream beige bag with lace that looks really cute and i got from aliexpress for a really nice price.

It's my favorite bag since i'm always around carrying alot of stuff so it works just perfectly for me and is pretty cute.

Those boots are super duper cute and really comfortable. Too sad that were i live don't have the right weather to use them always x.x I got them from aliexpress.

Those sandals are so dolly. I love them and are comfortable aswell. Bought at aliexpress.

This one is also in my first choices when i go for a dolly outfit. Really comfortable. They are from Melissa. 

I hope you have enjoyed my favorites and get inspired by them!