Jul 31, 2013

Lioele Blooming Gloss


Today i'm going to share with you one of my favorite lip glosses. The Lioele Blooming Gloss in Cream Orange!

 I've decided to buy this one since i wanted a non shimmery true orange lipgloss. I was thinking about the Candy Doll Milk Tea Orange, but i've seen really bad reviews on that and it has some shimmers on it, wich is something i hate in a lipgloss ( it makes the gloss look cheap and old fashion kind of style).
Here goes the swatches and on  the bare lips!

 Color: The color is a strong creamy orange color with no shimmers.
 Texture: Non sticky and provides a smooth finish, doesn't settle into lip lines. Don't drip of my lips and it's mosturizing.
 Pigmentation: Really opaque color for a lipgloss.
 Scent/ Taste: It has a peach scent that reminds me the a Spice girls peach lollipop that i used to eat when i was a little kid. Quite nostalgic!
 Package: The package is really pretty like all Lioele products!
 Price: I found this to be really affordable ( 7.50 USD at ebay), i haven't got any other colors because the other ones are shimmery!

I'll give 5/5 on this because i can't find anything bad to say about it!

Here goes a pic of me wearing this gloss on top of Candy Doll Pink Grapefruit Lipstick!

Jul 29, 2013

My 2013 Makeup Inspirations!

Hello Sweeties! 

I wanna share with you guys my makeup inspirations during those past times and the kind of look i want to achieve. All the things that i got recently have been focused in achieving something like that!

The sweetie natural cuteness!

I've been really enjoying those more natural looking styles since it's cute but still really glamorous polished and pretty!

Park sora looks stunning as always! Look at that skin! 

The Glam Sexy!

I love to use it when i'm going out! This Park Bom look in falling in love is just amazing! 

Sometimes i just go crazy and try something more dolly like or more extreme, but the looks i've been more into lately are those! Wich one do you guys like the most? :D

Jul 27, 2013

Missha Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleansing Foam

Hello Sweeties!
Today i'll be making a review on one of my favorites foam cleansers. The cute Missha Strawberry Latte!

Missha's description:
My thoughts:

This foam cleanser comes in a huge bottle and is a light mousse consistence foam with a baby pink pearly color and an addictive strawberry with milk scent! I love to use it in the morning when i don't have makeup on and don't need a strong cleansing foam, since this foam cleanser is more on the gentle side. It turns into a non bubbly kind of foam when mixed with water and provides a gentle, but refreshing cleansing to the skin.

 It doesn't leave my skin tight or dry and cleanses nicely!

 Good News-
° Big package(172ml) and really cute.
° Really inexpensive- i got mine for 9 USD with shipping and tracking number!
° Provides some cleansing without being drying.
º Pretty pearly pink color and amazing strawberry with milk scent! (i wonder how the chocolate latte smells like)

 Bad News-
° Can't be used to remove makeup by itself.
° You have to buy it online if you're not from korea.

I really enjoy this cleanser! Soon i'll be updating the blog with my latest asian skincare routine!

Jul 25, 2013

Etude House Cupcake All Over Color

Hello girls,
I love these blushers by Etude House so i decided to make a review on them!
 They have a really cute packaging and the colors are just amazing! They have a creamy consistence and no shimmers at all!

 I tried to go a little bit unusual with my color selection! I got a peach light tone(Peach Sugar Cake), a lavender color(Blueberry Cheesecake) and a hot orange(Orange Choux Cake).

Those babies are super pigmented!

The shade is a little bit too light for me (nc35) to be used as a lipcolor but i like to work it out with some lipgloss :)

For me those are 4.5/5- I won't give them 5/5 because the package is a little bit problematic to use! You gotta dip your fingers on it or have a separated brush with some cap on it so you can take it in your bag! 

Jul 24, 2013

Skinfood Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB Cream

Hello sweeties,
I'll be sharing with you my opinions about this Skinfood BB cream! This was my first skinfood BB cream wich i got in a Makeup Giveaway by BiiBii Beauty (I found her blog while looking for Onee gyaru tutorials and she have some awesome ones!).

Sorry for the poor quality of my pictures! Is really hard to take the pics during the nightime with artificial light!

 As you guys can see, this bb cream have some shimmery dots that are little drops of water. It's really refreshing and mosturizing, but the finish on the skin is semi mate.

The comparison swatches! This bb cream doesn't have that white-grey cast on it and it's more yellow than all my bb creams the shade looks alot like my Maybelline dream liquid mousse foundation in nude light- mine is in shade 2!

Coverage- Is light with 2 layers can be build up to medium.
Scent- Have a nice scent is a Rose lemon tea.. sooo smells something like that! 
Texture- The texture is bouncy jelly like and blends with some waterdrops refreshing feeling.
Price- I got it in a giveaway but this bb cream is not expensive! You can find for something like 8 ~15 dollars
Package- The package is really funny with afternoon tea theme really cute!

I enjoyed this bb cream alot for a light coverage for everyday makeup! Looks pretty during the day, doesn't crack or get oily. It doesn't control oil, but also doesn't help adding any to the skin!
Have you girls ever used  any skinfood bb cream? I've loved this one!

Jul 22, 2013

Candy Doll Lipstick in Pink Grapefruit

Hello girls!
I'm loving this lipstick so i have to share with you guys!

 This is the new Candy Doll color for lipstick the Pink Grapefruit, wich is a warm based pink almost a coral color! I've been loving to use this everyday, it's a really pretty girly color and looks quite natural.
You guys can see in the swatches that it's not exactly like the promotion color but still really pretty!

The lipstick is mosturizing and looks nice with my skintone. Lasts just like others lipstick do, but the formula is really nice. It really helps me to hide my dried lips well, that's why i love it!
Candy doll is a bit pricey to buy online so i paid 20 U$D, but this product worth it.

Here's how it looks with makeup on and everything :)
I hope you guys liked it! Kisses! 

Jul 21, 2013

July Korean Skincare & Makeup Haul

I've been trying to not buy many stuff this month since i have alot of beauty products to finish off but there was a huge sale on Roseroseshop.com and i couldn't hold myself from buying some things i wanted to try out.

The products from left to right/top-bottom:

❤ Etude House Dear My Milky Gloss- Cafe Latte
❤ Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher- Grapefruit Jelly
❤ Tony Moly Smoothe Massage Peeling Cream
❤ Missha Near Skin Visible Wrinkle Filler- Samples
❤ Innisfree It's real Manuka Honey Mask- 3 pcs
❤ Innisfree It's real Açai Berry Mask- 3 pcs
❤ Innisfree It's real Gold Kiwi Mask- 3 pcs
❤ Innisfree It's real Bamboo Mask- 3 pcs
❤ Some random samples
❤ Too Cool for School - Rules of Moist Applezone Mask- Brightening Applezone

That was my Korean Haul! I have a huge Japanese makeup haul comming soon! 
If you was curious about any product let me know! I plan to make some reviews on them soon enough!