Aug 24, 2013

August Haul

Hello cuties, 
Today i came to share with you my august haul, wich are the things that i bought and received on this month. I've been trying to buy the products of my wishlist as i finish some old products, so this month i've got alot of stuff, but i've received only those by now! For those products i've placed an order at for candy doll stuff and for korean products.

On top pic i have:

  • It's Skin Baby Face One Step Base- Green- I got this because i wanted a makeup base to counter the red pigments on my foundations (my skin have quite alot of olive undertones is really hard to find a perfect foundation match).
  • Candy Doll Strawberry Milk Lip Gloss- I wanted a clear lip gloss that i could use with any lipstick without changing the color of the lipstick too much. 
  • Candy Doll Highlighter in Beige- i wanted a highlighter with a little bit of small shimmers, but with color payoff so i heard about this one and it's really what this product is. 
  • Etude House Dear My Milky Gloss - Blueberry- I wanted it for achieving a really cool toned pink lips
  • Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder- I needed some compact anti shine powder to carry around. 
  • It's Skin Baby Face Petit Blusher in Lavender- I got it to counter some of my hiperpigmentation and help to brighten my complexion. 
On botton pic i have:
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack
  • Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist
  • Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash Banana flavour- I wanted to try this for the smell :x
  • Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Essence- I wanted some more hydration and oil production care on my routine so i chose this.
  • Innisfree Eyebrow Razor- I got this because i saw good reviews on those eyebrow razors for making korean straight eyebrows ^^ 
That was my haul for this month, i forgot to take the pics of my Three barrel waver that i've received aswell! I believe i'll be making a review on it and hair tutorial for wavy hair. Here goes the seller pic.  

I hope you have enjoyed, any question about the products feel free to ask. I'll be reviewing many of those products in the future. By now i have alot of reviews to come so it may take a while. I'm really late on my reviews!


  1. I had a sample of the Silk Scarf Shampoo and Conditioner. The smell was gorgeous. *w* Didn't have enough to see if it improved the condition of my hair, though.

    1. I got the pack and mist because for me i can't see much improvement from shampoo and conditioners in general x.x

  2. Nice haul lots of good products cant wait for your reviews!!


  3. Great haul! I can't wait for the reviews/tutorials!

  4. Really want to see reviews on the shampoo and conditioner, they are so cute! I tried a sample before it was pretty nice ^^ Lovely haul!

    1. They are not shampoo and conditioner x.x it's a moist pack and a moist mist! I didn't get the shampoo and conditioner because i already have alot on my house!

  5. Oh dear, I´m exciting for read your reviews!

  6. Hey beautiful! I nominated you for the Liebster award! xo check it out:

  7. Review of the three barrel waver please ♥