Aug 9, 2013

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara

Hey Sweeties,
I'll be reviewing my new favorite black mascara. Before i try this one, my favorite was the Maybelline The Falsies. Now my favorite is this Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara (film type).
Is a black mascara that contains big fibers and claims to have 5 kinds of treatment essences for your lashes. 

The Packaging is super cute and fashion with silver and light pink jewels. The brush is made of 3 little balls shape, that i find it really helps with the non clumping effect!

Let's move into the effects! Here are my lashes with one layer of mascara, i haven't used any curvex and it really helps to curl and hold your lashes up. 

Now with 2 coats of mascara i haven't got any clumping and the lenghthening effect is quite noticeable while the lashes stay really curled up even without using curvex.

This mascara is really great if you want big lashes or have lashes that doesn't stay curled! The fibers are big and provides long lashes. 
I got it for 13 USD at, i consider a good price since the Maybelline mascaras in Brazil costs like 15~20 dollars! 
The packaging is really cuteee i love to have it on my makeup collection! I don't think i'll be trying any other japanese mascara because i think this one provides everything that i need!
I wouldn't recommend this to people who doesn't use oil removers since it's not easily removed from lashes with cream or watery based removers!

I will give 5/5 for this mascara because i can't think of anything negative to say about it!

I hope you guys have enjoyed! Which one is your favorite mascara?


  1. I need this! Mascara is my must have... Good review!

    1. Oh thanks! So happy that you enjoyed! This mascara is great, makes my lashes sooo big and curled without looking fake or clumpy! :x It's reaaally a must have :)

  2. cute review! the packaging looks so adorable ^_^
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    1. Thanks for visiting! :) I'm already a follower :D

  3. This mascara is really great! Thank you for the adorable review ^^ love the brush shape :D


    1. Thanks for visiting Misa! I really love your blog :)

  4. I love that mascara's shape, it's so pretty XD really looks like "fairy drops", haha.

    Your lashes look amazing with it!

    Thank you for the review! ^^

    - Abi

    1. Thanks for visiting! I love this mascara shape... so cuteee x.x I loved your blog :D

  5. The effect looks great. It seems this is a great mascara. Love it ♥