Jul 24, 2013

Skinfood Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB Cream

Hello sweeties,
I'll be sharing with you my opinions about this Skinfood BB cream! This was my first skinfood BB cream wich i got in a Makeup Giveaway by BiiBii Beauty (I found her blog while looking for Onee gyaru tutorials and she have some awesome ones!).

Sorry for the poor quality of my pictures! Is really hard to take the pics during the nightime with artificial light!

 As you guys can see, this bb cream have some shimmery dots that are little drops of water. It's really refreshing and mosturizing, but the finish on the skin is semi mate.

The comparison swatches! This bb cream doesn't have that white-grey cast on it and it's more yellow than all my bb creams the shade looks alot like my Maybelline dream liquid mousse foundation in nude light- mine is in shade 2!

Coverage- Is light with 2 layers can be build up to medium.
Scent- Have a nice scent is a Rose lemon tea.. sooo smells something like that! 
Texture- The texture is bouncy jelly like and blends with some waterdrops refreshing feeling.
Price- I got it in a giveaway but this bb cream is not expensive! You can find for something like 8 ~15 dollars
Package- The package is really funny with afternoon tea theme really cute!

I enjoyed this bb cream alot for a light coverage for everyday makeup! Looks pretty during the day, doesn't crack or get oily. It doesn't control oil, but also doesn't help adding any to the skin!
Have you girls ever used  any skinfood bb cream? I've loved this one!


  1. I actually just got the Skin Food Peach Green Tea BB! I haven't tried it yet, but I have high hopes because it's supposed to have oil control!! I hope it's as nice as yours is!

    1. when you start to use it make a review!!! If i were to buy skinfood bb creams i would get this peach one :x Just because i love peaches!

  2. I've tried out a couple of Skin Food BB creams- the one I reviewed (Red Bean BB Cream) and one of the Good Afternoon tea ones... not sure which b/c it was just a sample, but omg it was so pink and I couldn't wear it at alll. @_@ I'm happy that one of them worked out well for you though!


    1. O.O really? Maybe it was the shade 1? x.x i think this shade 2 is ok with some yellow undertones x.x

  3. I'm sorry, but you look ridiculous.Tone back the makeup.