Jul 27, 2013

Missha Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleansing Foam

Hello Sweeties!
Today i'll be making a review on one of my favorites foam cleansers. The cute Missha Strawberry Latte!

Missha's description:
My thoughts:

This foam cleanser comes in a huge bottle and is a light mousse consistence foam with a baby pink pearly color and an addictive strawberry with milk scent! I love to use it in the morning when i don't have makeup on and don't need a strong cleansing foam, since this foam cleanser is more on the gentle side. It turns into a non bubbly kind of foam when mixed with water and provides a gentle, but refreshing cleansing to the skin.

 It doesn't leave my skin tight or dry and cleanses nicely!

 Good News-
° Big package(172ml) and really cute.
° Really inexpensive- i got mine for 9 USD with shipping and tracking number!
° Provides some cleansing without being drying.
º Pretty pearly pink color and amazing strawberry with milk scent! (i wonder how the chocolate latte smells like)

 Bad News-
° Can't be used to remove makeup by itself.
° You have to buy it online if you're not from korea.

I really enjoy this cleanser! Soon i'll be updating the blog with my latest asian skincare routine!


  1. ahh it looks really cute! I'll definitely keep a heads up for this product next time i go splurge! Thanks for the review ^^

    1. It's really nice if you want some gentle cleanser for morning!

  2. I want to try the strawberry foam, too. I bought the Chocolate latte one and it smells gorgeous. :D

    1. Hahaha You get the strawberry and i'll get the chocolate!

  3. Seems like a solid cleansing foam! The pink color is especially tempting haha. It's sad how big packaging is to me u_u


    1. I completely understand you!!! Package is huge for me too! :x

  4. Oo, this looks fun! I might have to pick this up, I love anything strawberry scented!